Support: Anemone

Locatie: Onderzeebootloods

Grey sideburns, stylish suits, ponderous guitar riffs, plus a penchant for sipping a good glass of wine amidst the aural onslaught. Only one band fits this description: Flemish rock juggernaut Triggerfinger, who will be performing in a unique location in the Rotterdam harbour: the Onderzeebootloods (former submarine station).



Support: Freez

Locatie: Weelde
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Thomas Azier

Stray clubtour

Locatie: Maassilo

After touring extensively around the release of award winning records Hylas and Rouge, Thomas Azier’s new album Stray was written and produced solely by Thomas himself in hotel rooms traveling around the world, plus he is releasing it on his own label Hylas Records. After his major label deal, the Dutch synth pop artist is now fully independent and determined to embark on a journey of steady releases.


Raphael Saadiq

Locatie: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

Raphael Saadiq is a Grammy Award winning musician, songwriter and go-to collaborator / producer for some of the biggest names in R&B. Solange Knowles, John Legend, Mary J. Blige, D’Angelo, Ne-Yo and Miguel are among the many artists who turn to Saadiq for his deep musicality, contemporary creative vision and encyclopedic knowledge of timeless pop music.



& support

Locatie: LantarenVenster

Villagers writes with unabashed romance about technology on its newest full-length player with the traditionally cryptic title The Art Of Pretending To Swim. Or, more specifically, how technology restrains daily life and hides our own helplessness. O ‘Brien is a ponderer, never afraid to tackle the tough issues, and that cerebral charm always makes Villagers all the more stunning.

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Sofi Tukker

Locatie: Maassilo

American duo Sofi Tukker (Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern) craft throbbing, ’90s house-inspired jungle pop. Hawley-Weld and Halpern met in Providence, Rhode Island, while attending Brown University. Soon after, the solo artists joined forces and composed their first song, “Drinkee,” which became an international hit.

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