MOMO Young Talents Club

With the MOMO Young Talents Club (YTC), Motel Mozaïque creates a breeding ground for young talents to develop further.

Started in 2019, the Young Talents Club is an annual program in which young talents aged between 18-28 years fully participate in our team. For the selection we do not look at educational background, but only at the motivation of the talents. We examine per person what will be the most interesting track, within which department and with what goals and objectives. We also organise master classes for this club, and have regular check-in time for coaching and mentoring. In return, the talents share their vision and expertise with our team, and collaborate where necessary.

The Young Talent Club was created because we noticed that there’s little room for work experience for young professionals who want to work in the music or festival scene. Especially if you don’t have the right educational background. We create that space; we serve as a springboard to other positions at partners and within our own team a continuous increase of young people from different backgrounds. These wishes take concrete form in the MOMO Young Talents Club. By having a continuous influx of young professionals around, we stay connected to the city and our audience. Former Young Talents now work as Head of Program and Open Call Curator at our own organisation, at AIR Rotterdam, EKKO, Paard and Roffa Mon Amour, among others. Read testimonials from previous Young Talents at the bottom of this page.

The applications for the YTC 2024 are already closed, please keep an eye on our socials for upcoming possibilities.

About MOMO

Motel Mozaique is a foundation, working on three projects year round. Our MOMO Festival, MOMO Concerts and MOMO Create. You will mainly focus on MOMO Festival. This festival is a driver and connector for innovation in music and art, and for a hospitable city. As a mosaic, MOMO brings together the best possible mix of (inter) national pop music, performance and art for you. With the city of Rotterdam as a stage. Urban development and social themes as a source of inspiration. A sharp, international programming as a driving force. Let yourself be tempted for a weekend along undiscovered places, music, art and stories. Expect the unexpected.



Being a part of the YTC at MOMO was a great experience. It was fun, exciting and I learned a lot. I was warmly welcomed into the team as an individual with responsibilities while getting all the support and guidance I needed. The YTC is such a great way to step into the cultural sector and be a part of making something very special. I am proud to have been a part of the MOMO22 team and look forward to what the future holds!


Despite not having completed any degree, I had the unique opportunity to gain experience in the festival world as a Young Talent at MOMO. From day one I felt part of the team and I was able to participate in several cool projects: from the production of the MOMO Art Motel to the program of the night events. It was educational, challenging and most importantly a lot of fun! After my time as a Young Talent, I have grown within the team and I am currently focusing on making the events that MOMO organises more sustainable and inclusive.


My time as an all-round young talent at MOMO was an incredible journey that went beyond a mere professional exploration. It was an opportunity to, not only gain valuable experience in the festival industry, but also to be a part of a community whose values resonate with my personal values. The warm embrace of the festival community made me feel truly welcomed and appreciated as a newcomer in Rotterdam. During my time at MOMO, I had the chance to immerse myself in various departments and contribute to MOMO Festival while growing as a cultural professional. I felt encouraged to share my ideas and watch them blossom into reality. Being part of the Young Talents Club at MOMO became a precious chapter in my life that I will always cherish!


It was an amazing opportunity to watch-and work in a department you don’t easily enter without experience. Through YTC, I was able to expand my network and learn a lot through my colleagues, the work itself and the master classes. I was treated as an equal, which allowed me to perform my tasks with a lot of self-confidence and I felt free to suggest ideas.
In addition, the team is very nice to work with. It was a breath of fresh air to have Margriet as a business leader (I didn’t know the workplace could be so healthy), Enoma involved me a lot, the YTC team was very supportive of each other and I always felt welcome and equal with the rest of the team as well.