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MOMO Create

Motel Mozaïque supports talent in the field. Through MOMO Create we support, showcase and help develop talent in Rotterdam and beyond.

What we call MOMO Create refers to all the projects by Motel Mozaïque dedicated to talent development: artistic residencies, our Young Talent Club, the vast network of creatives that we support and collaborate with.

We are working closely with artists, in order to cultivate their projects; to advise them, invite them to exciting programs at special locations, and to suggest new collaborations between artists of different disciplines. We support their creations and get inspired by their beliefs!

In 2023 MOMO Create continued the long term collaboration with Amenti Theatre Company and embraced new projects by Michelle Samba, R3LN4CHT and artistic residencies of Murky Ghost and Black Country, New Road.

During MOMO Festival 2023, we curated the themed program UNIFIED that showcased creatives and artists with a bicultural background, in order to dive into their world and mixed identities.

Many bicultural people can relate to the experience of not fitting into one box. A feeling that many, not only bicultural people, also feel on a daily basis. Outsiders in cultures, unified in the feeling. Because not everything is as easily explained as putting it in one box. How we form our identity, and what makes us who we are, is fluid. Identity is fluid, a collection of our social and cultural interactions. It’s influenced by family, school, friends, work, experiences, ethnicity, nationality, race, class, generation, gender, environment, interactions and so on. We take bits of these factors and create our own identity.

The UNIFIED program showcased work by Doubleblooded, Joya Mooi, Anne-Fay, Serana Angelista, Naomi He-Ji, Fragmented and Rotterdam Ballroom Arena. Some of the guests discussed the subject in conversation with Evita de Roode, dive into it with our podcast MOMO Talks.

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MOMO YouTube Channel

Explore our YouTube channel where you can find an archive of footage from our festival including exclusive live performances and interviews including Black Country, New Road, Eefje de Visser, Spinvis & Meskerem Mees and many more.

Murky Ghost’s Residency

“I want my music to take me to different places, to meet people, exchange different ideas.”

During MOMO Festival 2023, Motel Mozaïque and LUCfest invited Taiwanese band Murky Ghost for a residency. Mu and her bandmates spent some days in Rotterdam, playing three shows during the festival and collaborating with local artists Beau Zwart and Elijah Waters. Watch the documentary! 

Perspectief Videos

In this series, MOMO highlights different creatives and their perspectives on creativity, personal development and recent discoveries. Watch our video portraits with Gil The Grid, Beau Zwart, Roufaida, Gita Buhari, Mirjam Manusama and many more.

Photo + Interview Series

During 2022 MOMO visited some artists in anticipation of their show in Rotterdam at MOMO Festival 2022. We found out more about their creative processes, their expectations from tours, life, love and much more. Watch our photo series and read our interviews with JockstrapMysieFamous and Meskerem Mees.