13 February 2025


Alternative rock



Maassilo Rotterdam

Open 19:00 / Start 20:00

€31 incl. fee


Pre-sale starts Tuesday 7 May 2024 at 10AM via Ticketmaster

‘Shades’, the new single from Blaudzun, will be released on Friday May 3. The song is the precursor to his new album ‘Latter Days’, which the singer announces today together with an accompanying club tour.

Blaudzun, nom-de-plume of Johannes Sigmond, previously showed two previews of his new album. The catchy singles ‘Dreamers’, the one with that catchy whistle, and ‘Summer Song’ were embraced by fans and followers and put on their playlists by many radio stations. ‘Shades’ is the third single from the album, which will be released on October 18 and is a wonderful pop song with recognizable 80’s bass synths, lyrics full of zest for life, and an inescapable melody. Blaudzun produced ‘Shades’ together with indie-rock veteran and Moss frontman Marien Dorleijn. The mixing was done by Robin Hunt.

In the song with the punchline; “we lived, we loved, let’s do it all again” the songwriter emphasizes his love for rock songs with good hooks where melancholy and hope go hand in hand. “Shades is symbolic of the entire album in many ways. It is an optimistic song for the volatile and sometimes complicated times we currently live in,” said Blaudzun. ‘Latter Days’ is Blaudzun’s seventh official studio album and is released by record company Labeltje Labeltje. A new record also means a new tour, of course. From February 2025, Blaudzun will tour major Dutch clubs with his six-piece band, after which other European countries are also on the program. We will welcome back Blaudzun in the Maassilo on 13 February, 2025!

This concert is presented by Rotown & MOMO Concerts and has standing room only



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