Motel Mozaïque is here to tell the stories of the creatives around us, creating an expanding community that we’ve collaborated with for years. This years campaign is inspired by the idea of spirituality and light, wondering where our ambassadors see the light in times of darkness.

Spotlight on
In our campaign images you can see a recurring circle, inspired by a spotlight. A playful spotlight that we put on the people that mean a lot to us. Our ambassadors are MOMO’s close friends and companions. We will post a new ambassador here regularly. Read more about them below, and come see them at MOMO Festival in April!

We will publish their stories in the upcoming weeks

Design & art/creative direction: Studio Gyor Moore

Photography: Rosa Quist
Creative concept & video: Katrien van Leeuwen
Styling: by ambassadors, Isabell Schulz


Alison Jutta

Our ambassador Alison Jutta is a good friend of ours, who also performed last year at MOMO festival and will also hit the stage this year at our freely accessible location – PLAYGROUND. During our conversation we asked her what she would like to highlight from her creative process: “The important thing is the balance between the right amount of music theory as well as the raw emotions that are vivid at the given time. The most fun part is when you find just the good amount of both and you are excited that it might be something worth continuing…’’ 

Read the full interview here!

Kas Pijs

Here goes our next wonderful ambassador this year: Kas Pijs. They are the creative producer of ‘R3LN4CHT,’ an artistic venture merging the realms of theater and nightlife with a focus on the queer experience. We talked with them about their views on spirituality, queerness and about the exciting performance R3LN4CHT is bringing to MOMO this year! “Spirituality for me translates to my passion for queer theory and queerness as a way of being.’’

Read the full interview here!

Michelle Samba

Like all our ambassadors, Michelle is a cherished friend with whom we share a long history. MOMO has been a supporter of her work through the Jonge Makersregeling. She embodies a life of multifaceted creativity, seamlessly transitioning between drumming, singing, producing, painting, writing, photographing, and performance art. During the interview she shared her take on spirituality: “Creation.”

Read the full interview here!

Naomi He-Ji

Naomi He-Ji, a close friend of MOMO with whom we’ve collaborated numerous times, brings a wealth of creative expertise and spiritual insight to this year’s event.  She is a multifaceted artist exploring various mediums of expression. During our conversation Naomi shares profound insights into her connection with spirituality and the transformative power of creating art. “Spirituality for me means being in connection with myself in my body, mind, and soul in relation to the Earth and universe.”

Read the full interview here!

Giorgi Kuiper

Giorgi Kuiper is a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer and a dancer, who is a precious friend of MOMO. He is one of our ambassadors this year and also brings his unique guided tour called “Zen in the City” together with Naomi He-Ji. In an interview we dived into a fascinating conversation with him about the profound connections between spirituality, artistry, and personal growth. ”The way I see it, you have your physical body and your spiritual body. And for me, the spiritual body is anything that has to do with the mind and gaining a deeper understanding of who you are. It also helps me find a better connection with the people around me.” Read the full interview here!