Giorgi Kuiper

Giorgi Kuiper is a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer and a dancer, who is a precious friend of MOMO. He is one of our ambassadors this year and also brings his unique guided tour called “Zen in the City” together with Naomi He-Ji. In an interview we dived into a fascinating conversation with him about the profound connections between spirituality, artistry, and personal growth.

Giorgi paints a vivid picture of spirituality as a journey of self-discovery that can help one learn the depths of the human spirit. ”The way I see it, you have your physical body and your spiritual body. And for me, the spiritual body is anything that has to do with the mind and gaining a deeper understanding of who you are. It also helps me find a better connection with the people around me.”

From meditation to music-making, Giorgi shares how spirituality infuses every aspect of his life, from the moments of introspection to any form of creative expression. They emphasize the importance of mindfulness and intentionality. “It’s spiritual wherever I decide to choose to pay attention to being present. It can happen when I’m making music but it can happen when I’m cooking, too. For me it’s when I choose to pay attention to being mindful about whatever I’m doing.”

Giorgi also shares that spirituality does not always come naturally and as anything, one gets better with practice. “I have days when I’m meditating, but my head is just not there and I can’t tap into spirituality at all. These things happen.”

As the conversation unfolds, Giorgi shares personal insights into their spiritual journey, from moments of self-doubt to profound moments of awakening. He shares his struggles with insecurity and the transformative power of spirituality in overcoming obstacles and finding fulfillment. “I also deal with certain insecurities, and mindfulness helps me be more in touch with myself and my surroundings. It really helps me with the acceptance of the way things are, to see what is in my control and what is outside of my control. I feel like the result of this is that I feel more fulfilled in general with whatever I’m up to.”

Giorgi also shares that creation of art can be spiritual in a way that artists often translate something that is bigger than themselves. “Someone who creates any form of art often has to get in touch with things that aren’t physical. That is very spiritual to me.”