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Zen in the City (Guided Tour)

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Saturday 20 April 2024 12.00 - 14.00

MOMO Playground, Schouwburgplein

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Zen in the City: A Guided Walk to Inner Calmness

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Experience ‘Zen in the City: A Guided Walk to Inner Calmness.’ Walk with us through the city center, where among the lively energy, we’ll explore finding serenity within. Your guide will give you simple practices to help reconnect with your calm in the middle of the city buzz.

As we wrap up our walk, join us at a peaceful spot for a handpan concert, a soothing finale to our journey. It’s an opportunity to relax, be present, and discover the tranquility that resides within you. Our aim is to leave you with renewed energy, ready to fully enjoy the rest of the MOMO Festival. Come join us for a delightful blend of urban exploration and inner peace

Tour guide: Naomi He-Ji and Giorgi Kuiper: Miori
Day: Saturday 20 April 2024
Time: 12.00 – 14.00
Language: Dutch or English, depends on the audience
Transport: Walking

Additional information:

  • This tour will start at MOMO playground at Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam. The will be a desk where you can gather before the start of the tour.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour starts.
  • A fully booked tour sometimes has places available upon the start. Stop by our guided tours desk at MOMO Playground for more information if you would still like to join a tour.



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This Guided Tour is free of charge, as part of our free programme MOMO PLAYGROUND on Schouwburgplein, 19 & 20 April. Get a drink after your tour or a vegan bite, or join a concert or workshop.