Michelle Samba

Like all our ambassadors, Michelle is a cherished friend with whom we share a long history. MOMO has been a supporter of her work through the Jonge Makersregeling. Naturally, we’re thrilled to have her as part of the MOMO 2024 lineup, which we are beyond excited for! She embodies a life of multifaceted creativity, seamlessly transitioning between drumming, singing, producing, painting, writing, photographing, and performance art.

In an interview, Michelle shares her understanding of spirituality, seamlessly intertwining it with her artistic practice. When asked to define spirituality, she reflects, “Creation.” For her, the act of creating art is inherently spiritual—a practice where art and spirituality intertwine effortlessly. “Art is spiritual. Those things I don’t think you can separate.”

Reflecting on her own journey, Michelle traces her connection to art back to her earliest memories. “I just recently saw a video of me being 1 and having my drums already,” she reminisces. Artistry has been an innate aspect of her existence, preceding even the knowledge of how to speak. For Michelle, spirituality is a fundamental aspect of her being.

Michelle draws parallels between spirituality and sensory experiences. She recalls moments from her childhood: “I remember sitting in a field with tall grass, staring at the sun, just like how spiritual encounters feel.’’ 

Michelle believes that artists play a vital role in expressing the universal language of creativity. “Artists just take the time to translate it and channel it into a form,” she explains. Whether it’s through poetry, dance, painting, or music, artists deeply connect with the inherent creativity all around us.

As both an observer and catalyst of these interactions, Michelle marvels at the diverse unity that art fosters. She sees art as a bridge between people, forging connections that defy traditional boundaries. In Michelle’s world, spirituality isn’t a far-off goal but a constant companion embedded into her very being.