Alison Jutta

Alison Jutta is a singer-songwriter whose music is a fusion of cheerful, lofi beats but can break your heart at the same time. Her debut album ‘hello, I don’t know’  was released on February 16th, 2024. Listening to her work makes you feel like you are wrapped in a warm blanket while she tickles your mind with her open hearted lyrics about the vulnerabilities of daily life. As Jutta is a good friend of ours, it’s no surprise she is one of our ambassadors. She had a wonderful show last year and will wrap us in the blanket again this year, too. Don’t miss it!

When asked about this year’s festival theme – spirituality – Jutta explains that she does not intentionally put emphasis on being spiritual, however throughout the writing processes she often connects with her inner self. She lets the emotions come to the surface without thinking about it consciously, as she says that creation for her is intuitive. ”There are moments when things are just on the paper and I don’t know how that happened exactly, but it just came to me somehow.’’  However, she also highlights that creating art of any kind requires effort and consistency. It’s sort of a myth that being an artist is just rock and roll and some lucky people are born with all these ideas in their mind. You have to have discipline and be intentional when and how much effort you put into creation.”

We further asked Jutta in what way the 2024 campaign’s theme “into the light’’ resonates with her. Specifically, what is the highlight for her within the creative process. “The important thing is the balance between the right amount of music theory as well as the raw emotions that are vivid at the given time. The most fun part is when you find just the good amount of both and you are excited that it might be something worth continuing…’’ 

She also shared that lately she’s been inspired by 60’s musicals, studying how to write such music, experimenting with the creation of it. According to her, inspiration can come from anywhere but she also had to learn that throughout her career. It can be a vicious cycle sometimes – not being inspired and therefore not creating, which leads to uncertainty. That’s why her method is to even start with watching something or going back to listening to your favourite artists and go from there. ”Even if you begin experimenting with something that already exists, just start somewhere. It will be unique and yours eventually anyways.’’ 

Jutta will be performing at MOMO festival on the 19th of April. You can see her at PLAYGROUND, the festival’s freely accessible location.

Read more about her here.