In order to access MOMO Festival, you will need to exchange your tickets for a wristband. This wristband will give you access to the venues on the day(s) you have bought your ticket for.

Ticketing Desk – blue container
Schouwburgplein – MOMO PLAYGROUND


Thursday 18 april
16:30 to 22:00

Friday 19 april
14:00 to 23:00

Saturday 20 april
12:00 to 23:00

You can show the ticket on your phone, no need to print 🌱


Check out the full timetable here to make your perfect MOMO plan! Or even better: download our app to save your favourite MOMO route and to get realtime updates and information.

How to download the MOMO (Timesquare) App for Android/Iphone:

  • Click here to download the MOMO App
  • Add your phone number
  • You will receive a link from Timesquare to download the MOMO App.
  • Other ways to save the timetable:
    On our website you can also find a digital version of the timetable. Due to our sustainability goals, we only have a limited amount of printed timetables available upon request at the ticketing desk.


MOMO Festival takes place at different locations in Rotterdam, you can read about our locations here or download the MOMO app. All the venues are located in the city center of Rotterdam within walking or cycling distance.

On this page you’ll find information about the festival locations.

Maximum capacity: full = full
Since we are a festival with specific locations and a maximum capacity, we cannot guarantee access anymore once the location is full. Would you like to see a specific performance? make sure to be on time, to ensure your spot. FULL = FULL. If this is the case, you will be informed at the door, and in some cases via a notification in the MOMO app as well.

Clean up after Dry Cleaning
After Dry Cleaning, the main room in Theater Rotterdam will close for the conversion for Lander and Adriaan. You will be asked to leave the hall between these two acts.

Acts Kleine Zaal Theater Rotterdam
For theatre acts in Theater Rotterdam’s Kleine Zaal, the auditorium door closes once the show has started and it is not possible to enter afterwards.


We try to minimize our footprint and maximize our social-impact.

Circulair cup system ♻️

We try to avoid the use of single use plastics as much as possible. At the bar on Playground and Arminius we apply a circular drinking cup system and we ask you to leave a €1 deposit for your cup. You can support us even more by donating your deposit to our partner de Voedseltuin: a social-sustainable food garden in Rotterdam.

Green discount 🍃

You can get Green Discount if you walk, skate, use public transport or cycle. We encourage choosing sustainable transport in order to reduce our footprint. When you get to the ticket/info desk at MOMO Playground, show that you have travelled fossil-free and you will get a discount on all drinks and food at MOMO Playground.

Night programme

Access to the night program:
Your day or passe-partout ticket also gives you access to the night program at Perron (Friday), Sahara (Saturday), Roodkapje (Saturday), WORM (Friday) and Rotown. You can access the night venues by showing your wristband at the door. Read more about the MOMO Festival club nights here.


We are working, and still learning, on how to make our festival as accessible as possible for everyone. Here you can find information about accessibility for all our festival locations. You are welcome to bring a sign language interpreter or support. Feel free to reach out to us via email. Feedback and tips are also very welcome, we are looking to improve the festival experience the best way we can.

Social Safety & Floor Angels

You are part of the MOMO Family now, where we keep each other safe. During our night program you’ll see our floor angels around. They are there for you if you feel unwell or unsafe. They will be wearing fluorescent vests and can be approached at any time! Make sure to read our code of conduct to get informed about our house rules.

Earproof discount code

Protect your ears, get earproof hearing protection! We’ve partnered up with earproof in order to ensure you have a safe experience whilst listening to music. Get your hearing protection with a special MOMO 25% discount using this link and the voucher code: MOMO24. Earproof will also sell hearing protection at MOMO Playground, Schouwburgplein

Questions? Check out our FAQ page here, or get in touch with us through: