Guided Tours

There is no better way than learning about a place through the stories of others. That’s why we have organised guided tours that explore the area with a tour guide who will give you their story and vision and show you the unknown.

M4H is gradually changing into an energetic district to live and work, with an attractive mix of facilities, sports, catering and culture. In collaboration with the program office for the area development of M4H, Motel Mozaïque organises guided tours. These (mostly) free tours take you along the pioneers and innovative makers in M4H. The guides will tell you more about how M4H and these makers contribute to the sustainable future of the city and port. Each tour has its own theme: food, mobility, energy, circularity, live-work and biodiversity.

The majority of the tours are freely accessible, unless stated otherwise. Check out our Guided Tours program here below and make sure to reserve your spot, so we know you’re joining!