Friday 14 April

23:30-00:15, WORM

MOMO Festival 2022


Put on any Jockstrap song and try to predict which genre you’ll end up in after three minutes – it’s almost impossible. A track that starts with a classical piano can just turn into Italo house, a jazz improvisation can suddenly be bent into something that rubs against shoegaze.

Georgia Ellery (vocals/violin) and Taylor Skye (vocals/production) met at the London Conservatory, which at least explains the classic influences on their three EPs. In 2020 they signed with Warp (Flying Lotus, Yves Tumor, Kelela), but that already impressed them at showcase festivals such as Iceland Airwaves and The Great Escape. 3voor12 wrote about that last performance:

“Even in a filthy beach bar, strange violin melodies and distorted voices on a bed of lo-fi beats and sparse flute sounds rise to the sky that Jockstrap tears open with his own hands.”

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