Festival 2024






Thursday 18 April 2024 19.00 - 22.00
Friday 19 April 2024 19.00 - 19.30 20.45 - 21.15 22.30 - 23.00
Saturday 20 April 2024 19.00 - 19.30 20.00 - 20.30 21.15 - 21.45 22.45 - 23.15


Festival and tickets

MOMO Festival 2024 will host an art residency by WEEF.collective. Consisting of Lieve Fikkers and Hélène Vrijdag, the duo creates durational weaving performances / textile installations inspired by mythology, ecofeminism and ravesets. Their practice is a celebration of transdisciplinary art, bundling our different expertises – Lieve is a visual artist and productional girlboss, Hélène is a musician and academic in Gender Studies. Their practice is also a radical reaction to fast fashion, with a dream to become a zero waste textile art organisation. They place their performances in different contexts and unconventional spaces to question: What the hell does it mean to weave as a feminist in the 21st century?

Concept & Uitvoering: WEEF.collective (Hélène Vrijdag & Lieve Fikkers)
Muziek & Memes: Hélène Vrijdag
Lichtontwerp: Lieve Fikkers
Ondersteuning scenografie: Geartsje van der Zee
Advies: Nineties Productions (Anne Maike Mertens)
Videoregistratie: Nina Wilson
Producent: Motel Mozaïque