Festival 2024




Friday 19 April 2024 20.15 - 21.00 21.45 - 22.30 23.30 - 00.15
Saturday 20 April 2024 19.45 - 20.30 21.30 - 22.15 23.15 - 00.00


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R3LN4CHT presents R3LN4CHT: a rebellious playground that mixes durational performances, immersive installation art, new video work, spicy DJ-sets and much more. Performance artist Didi Kreike invites you along their dynamic modus operandi (translated mode of operating), a Latin phrase normally used to describe someone’s habits of working in the context of criminal business. R3LN4CHT transforms conventional (club)events into a long-durational experiences with fraudulent time-tables. Old and new artistic material is being tested, deconstructed or recycled; while maintaining a steady BPM. R3LN4CHT doesn’t only anticipate on the unexpected, they celebrate it.

R3LN4CHT is the new artistic venture by performance artist Didi Kreike and creative producer Kas Pijs. Their creative team functions as a modular system, a fluid team of artists collaborate on different projects. Merging the realms of theater and nightlife, R3LN4CHT creates site-specific performances at their core. Next to that, they also produce experimental work, club nights and community meetings. With a strong visual language, they go beyond showcasing themes; making them tangible. Advocating for new perspectives in entrenched views, R3LN4CHT pioneers a unique narrative that invites audiences to explore uncharted territories.

R3LN4CHT II operators: Eddie Azulay, Birgit Boer, Lodewijk van Dijk, Pleun Gremmen, Didi Kreike, Victor Metske, MAASK, Anna Viktor, Karlijn Zeeman.