Festival 2024


3 Days



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This new artistic venture by performance artist Didi Kreike and creative producer Kas Pijs seamlessly merges the realms of theater and nightlife, while staying in the fringes. R3LN4CHT’s fluid and modular artistic team applies a ‘situation-specific’ and ‘trans-disciplinairy’ practice everywhere they go. With a radical visual language drenched in complexity and rawness, they are crafting a signature that goes beyond showcasing themes; making them tangible. Advocating for new perspectives in entrenched views, R3LN4CHT makes you question almost everything, and pioneers a unique narrative that invites audiences to explore uncharted territories. 

In 2023 you might have seen artistic adaptations of their work ‘Beyond Consent’ during MOMO and MOMO Fabrique. This year they will show the first results of their new work ‘No Matter What’; investigating toxic fagg*t friendships, excessive drug use and the absurd music genre meme-core.