Festival 2024

Mina & Bryte




Saturday 20 April 2024 02.00 - 04.00


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MOMO NIGHTS x Kurashi Soundsystem

Kurashi Soundsystem presents: Mina & Bryte

Mina & Bryte first met in Accra, Ghana in 2017, and instantly connected over their shared love of club music. Since then they have released several singles, and their debut joint EP “Abeka Bugatti” in 2021. Together they have an infectious energy, with a sound that fuses together styles from the UK, Ghana and around the world. Bryte’s multilingual lyrics skip playfully over Mina’s upbeat and distinctive production style, demonstrating how two artists from very different backgrounds can come together to create “exuberant, passionate, forward-thinking club music that slips between two continents.” [Clash Magazine]

Dance into the night with MOMO nights! We curated We curated this night together with Kurashi Soundsystem. The event can be entered with a passe partout, a Saturday Day + Night ticket and a Saturday Night Roodkapje x Sahara ticket (from 23.00). You can get your tickets here.