Festival 2024

Means nothing – Kathy Murillo



Saturday 20 April 2024

Festival and tickets

Every year MOMO Festival announces an Open Call for artists to be able to showcase their work, this year’s the theme is ” transcendence”. Kathy has been selected based on the public votes.

Kathy Murillo leads a performance, sculping without touch, smell, hearing, or sight, challenging the core of art with audience involvement. Murillo’s introspection sparks a revaluation of artistic norms, inspiring collective exploration to redefine meaning in the sculpture, transcending boundaries. In this unique exploration, Murillo aims for art devoid of apparent meaning by restricting all senses. Audience participation includes contributing objects without personal meaning, fostering a shared reflection on art’s essence. The process transforms into a spiritual journey, encouraging introspection and connections with art beyond conventions, prompting reflections on existence, creativity, and emotional engagement. Murillo’s performances intertwine, collectively challenging artistic perspectives and delving into profound questions about the nature and emotional connection to art beyond conventional perceptions.