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Saturday 20 April 2024 21.30 - 22.30


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Welcome to the mysterious and melancholic world of Loverman. The music by Anglo-Belgian singer-songwriter and producer James de Graef, will leave the listener in no doubt that love is all. Love in all forms is central in his record Lovesongs: “heartbreak is the base, but the record is just as much capturing the joy and the energy you get from communing with your loved ones and your friends in celebratory ecstasy, or the love you feel for humans in general. People you might have never met, but when you see expressions of their tenderness and understanding through everyday, simple acts, it invokes moments of real beauty.” The emotional embers at the heart of each of his songs – and the warm, intimate and candid atmosphere that pervades across them – also ensure that all of love is here to be experienced. 

Based on delicate and ethereal acoustic atmospheres, Loverman’s sound is characterised by Nick Drake-like dreamy haze, his assuringly focused baritone vocals and a playfulness inspired by Dennis Potter’s surreally-tinged 1980s television series The Singing Detective.