Festival 2024

Lime Garden



Friday 19 April 2024 21.45 - 22.30


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Genre-blending indie rock band Lime Garden claim to be “sick and tired”, but they definitely found a way to get us wired! 

The four friends create a sound that is uplifting yet somehow laid-back. They achieve this neat trick by harnessing catchy melodies and earworm hooks into an almost nonchalant net of lo-fi sounds, which is then sprinkled with a dry-wit to bring their world to life. It’s a world of late-night conversations and observations that strike a chord.

Lime Garden will release their debut album One More Thing (out 16 February on So Young Records): the culmination of a stellar run of singles and non-stop touring from Lime Garden since their emergence in 2021.

Speaking about the single ‘I Want To Be You’, Lime Garden’s Chloe Howard said: “‘I Want To Be You’ was inspired by a very specific memory I have as a 14 year old at my first gig looking at the band playing and thinking, “do I Want to be you or be with you, or do I want both?”. This feeling has continued to raise its head on many occasions in my life, and it’s become quite an obsessive process at times. Growing up with social media and the constant ability to follow your idols, with access into ‘their world’, has fuelled this in an unhealthy way.”

“I’m the type of person who can get very deep into something, but now I try to channel that into something more constructive and real, like music and art. Recording this song was an attempt to emulate the feeling of true obsession through sound.”

“the future of indie”Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1 

“one of the most exciting new bands to come our way in recent times”CLASH

“The spiritual successors to Britpop’s finest females”DIY

“Defying labels to produce one of the freshest sounds you’ll hear”The Line Of Best Fit