Festival 2024


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Friday 19 April 2024 19.00 - 19.45

MOMO Playground, Schouwburgplein

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Likeminds is an Amsterdam based electronic duo, a project that arose from the collaboration between Tjerk Lammers (LYMA) and Lucas van Ee (Rebiere). They present together an eclectic and innovative mix of soul funk, hip-hop and electronic music, but never fully fit into any of those. The groovy disco influences give the duo the infectiousness that the audience seems to enjoy. They also work on contemporary sounds, driven by more electronic elements. LYMA also brings expressive vocals to the table and Rebiere contributes with soulful saxophone melodies. While being similar in many ways, this music-team seems to perfectly complement each other in their skill-set.

Rebiere and LYMA met a couple of years ago playing a live show underneath a tree in a park during a thunderstorm. Ever since these two mind reconnected they’ve been cooking up songs galore. The first single ‘’ Hands Up’’ is already starting to make some waves in the digital realm. Next up are 4 more singles and after that they are about to release their album. Rebiere is a producer/multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He started playing saxophone at a young age, followed by the ukulele, guitar, piano, bass guitar and drums. “He brings a wide range of flavors to his productions, always finding the right mix between space and clarity. Beats that feel fat and organic like J. Dilla and Kaytranada, often with very well thought out song structures. ‘’

LYMA is a singer-songwriter and producer, who has been turning heads since his first release ‘’ In Between Shifts’’ . LYMA presented his taste for rhythms and melodies that resonates by its originality and broad sounds palette. ‘’ His diverse body of work sometimes feel similar to artist like Steve Spacek, Taylor McFerrin or Jordan Rakei. Not because he sounds like them, but because he developed his own brand of electronic soul, just as they did. ‘’