Festival 2024

Library Card



Friday 19 April 2024 20.15 - 21.00


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Expressive yet thoughtful, abrasive yet melodious, explosive yet introvert: like our city, the locals Library Card are a band of contrasts. 

Drawing inspiration from post-punk, art-rock and the poetry of Anne Clark, Library Card formed in the summer of 2021 and quickly become a standout in the guitar music scene around the country: within the first six months of their first official gig, they supported Sports Team in a 2000 capacity hall, the OSEES at Maassilo, played the closing set at Left of the Dial and performed vivacious shows in Germany, France, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Spearheaded by Lot van Teylingen, whose spoken word alternates between sardonic and sincere in a matter of seconds, Library Card leave a lot of room in their music in which their members can manifest themselves equally, from Emre Karayalçin’s unorthodox, eye-catching rhythms to Kat Kalkman’s driving bass lines and Mitchell Quitz’s seemingly shape-shifting guitar performances.