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Leah Rye

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Saturday 20 April 2024 15.30 - 16.00

MOMO Playground

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Dreams, mysticism and melancholy are recurring themes in Leah Rye’s music. The Amsterdam singer/songwriter participated in the Popronde as an OOR talent in 2023, played a series of solo shows in London and sold out her performances in Paradiso and TivoliVredenburg during her Symbiosis club tour.

Leah Rye was born in 1996 as Lisa Rietveld, and taught herself to play the piano at a young age. When she took lessons at the age of thirteen, her teacher encouraged Lisa to seriously consider a career in music. At fifteen, she started writing her own songs as an emotional outlet and to sort out the world around her. A few years later she started at the Conservatory in Haarlem, where she developed herself as a songwriter and musician. The contrast between light and dark, between alone and together, and the complexity of interpersonal relationships determine the common thread of her songs. Her sources of inspiration range from Radiohead to Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift, with a dreamy sound that is somewhere between pop noir and electronica.

On October 13, 2023, Leah Rye’s debut album Symbiosis was released, consciously via her own label Moonward Records, an album that is about being in symbiosis with the different sides of yourself and feeling safe enough to make your own voice heard. A personal story in which she opens up and shows herself.  For this album she joined forces with, among others, singer and pianist Ruben Hein and the neoclassical composer Lucas van Kesteren. Krenten uit de pop – ‘The Dutch musician Leah Rye makes a deep impression with her debut album Symbiosis, which excels musically, productionally and vocally and that endlessly stimulates the imagination with songs that are both pleasant and adventurous’ .