Festival 2024

Holly Macve



Saturday 20 April 2024 17.30 - 18.30


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“My intuition wrote this song for me. I was temporarily living in a Suburban house from the 50’s. There was a beautiful old piano, I sat down and the song came to me unexpectedly”. This is what Irish-born & Yorkshire-raised songwriter Holly Macve shares about her single ‘Suburban House’ featuring vocals from Lana Del Rey. The track is the product of the close friendship the pair have formed after Lana reached out to Holly via Instagram DM some years ago.

A heavenly voice couched in spellbinding western noir ballads, with a devastating emotional delivery, Holly Macve explores a dreamlike, pictorial world within her song writing; English Rose meets Mulholland Drive Lynchian glamour. With vocals notes of Chris Isaak and Patsy Cline and a unique skill of writing timeless melodies, Macve evokes a warmth and transcendence comparable to an old black and white film from the 1950’s.

Having released two critically acclaimed records, Holly is currently working on her new album due in early 2024, which she describes as her most honest storytelling to date, exploring themes such as abuse, existential fear, the rise, and demise of romantic relationships, and life through the eyes of a melancholic, yet hopeful, self-confessed dreamer.