Festival 2024

Cosmo Pyke



Saturday 20 April 2024 20.30 - 21.30


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Hailing from Peckham, Cosmo quickly gained critical acclaim and a devoted following around his 2017 debut, Fraser T Smith-produced EP, Just Cosmo and its follow up A Piper For Janet, with fan favourite tracks including ‘Chronic Sunshine’ and ‘A Piper For Janet’. In 2023, Cosmo returned with a new EP Curser’s Lament; an amalgamation of updated classics and new songs, each track showing a different side to Cosmo’s life growing up in South London with anecdotes of love, lust and heartache.

In 2017 the Guardian described his music as a fusion of jazz m 2- tone, Tyler the Creator and the Kooks.’ Dazed said: ‘Pyke;s songs combined classical songwriting with a dash of reggae, hip hop, and indie. Clash commented: The Peckham artist excels by channeling a laid back jazz-inspired vibe, a highly creative songwriting stance that seems to grow with each passing track.Cosmo described his first EP as: “A documentation of my youth as an ode to my thoughts and feelings, with personal experiences and personal samples. Such as the last track “Great Dane”, which begins and ends with a clip from ‘Just William”that I listened to and loved as a child.

Cosmo is kicking off his first EU tour with a sold out UK run and has also been announced as an official artist for SXSW 2024 and will play at Live at Leeds: In The Park in May. He also announced that his new EP is scheduled to be released in 2024.