Festival 2024

Alison Jutta

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Friday 19 April 2024 14.30 - 15.00

MOMO Playground, Schouwburgplein

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Her music is a fusion of cheerful, lofi beats but can break your heart at the same time. Listening to her work makes you feel like you are wrapped in a warm blanket while she tickles your mind with her open hearted lyrics about the vulnerabilities of daily life. She gets her inspiration from HAIM and Maggi Roggers, which reflects on her music also ranging from small and intimate to uptempo and upbeat. Nevertheless, her warm tone of voice, refined songwriting and desire to find beauty in everyday life are constant elements in her art.

Alison Jutta’s latest release “Show Me’’ is already available on the streaming platforms. Her debut album ‘hello, I don’t know’  will be released on February 16th,  2024.

This year she is also one of MOMO Festival’s campaign ambassadors.