Festival 2024

Alida Dors & HAYP MUSIC



Thursday 18 April 2024

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Theater Rotterdam
Closed Eyes – music performance

For this edition of MOMO Festival, Alida Dors will create a unique concert version of the music from the theater performance Closed Eyes, together with the band HAYP Music. 

Alida Dors is a theater maker, choreographer and artistic director of Theater Rotterdam. She creates interdisciplinary dance chronicles with influences from hip hop and modern dance, such as Primisi , RIOT and Or Die Trying. Last season she choreographed the acclaimed performance The Story of Travis.

Closed Eyes
A young man descends to the place where the call is audible to him: in the depths of the Surinamese Brokopondo reservoir , where his ancestors once lived. With poetic dance, film images, stirring live music and powerful spoken word by Alida Dors herself, seven dancers and three musicians immerse you in a magical parallel universe.

Closed Eyes is an invitation to be guided by your dreams, in a world between past, present and future. For inspiration, Dors went to Suriname with a crew. They filmed above Ganzee, the village of her ancestors, which disappeared under the water of the reservoir. ‘My ancestors dreamed for their grandchildren. I wanted to go back to the place where they dreamed those dreams. Where they lived.’ In a fusion of explosive, fragile, and intimate dance; lingering film images; mosaic live music, and spoken word, Closed Eyes creates a magical-realistic world that bridges the past, present, and future. A world in which the characters navigate through a landscape of dreams and memories. An exploration of the ways in which ancestors and their experiences influence lives and how these influences can help us find our own way in the world.