30 April 2024

Togo All Stars




LantarenVenster Rotterdam

Open 19:30 / Start 20:30

€18 incl. fee

Sold out

Final tickets only available via the concert venue LantarenVenster!

Togo All Stars is one of the most important afrofunk bands from Lomé, the capital of Togo, which, together with Benin, is sandwiched between Ghana and Nigeria; the musical superpowers of highlife and afrobeat. These styles are reflected in the band’s exciting music, but they add something else: voodoo beats. Voodoo is still serious business in Togo.

The All Stars are almost all voodoosi, followers of the traditional faith in which each god has its own rhythm, where good and bad, man and woman are brought together to form one entity. One cannot exist without the other. Voodoo came to the Americas with the slave trade and had a far-reaching influence on contemporary music there. We hear the rhythms, melodies and chants in contemporary jazz, salsa, tango, blues and funk. But if you want to hear the origins, you have to go to Togo, where the Togo All Stars combine heavy voodoo percussion with influences from James Brown and thus create their own voodoo funk. And for once not by old heroes who have been dusted off by a record company. No, this is a group with the best musicians of the moment. Meanwhile, thanks to the mesmerizing albums they made for Excelsior Recordings, the Netherlands is completely under the spell of the Togo All Stars.

This concert is presented by LantarenVenster, BIRD, Rotown & MOMO Concerts. This is a mostly standing room concert with limited balcony seating





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