23 November 2024



LantarenVenster Rotterdam

Open 19:00 / Start 20:00

€19,50 incl. fee


Gallowstreet has been a household name for more than ten years. The Amsterdam brass band is known for their energetic music and shows that they brought to Lowlands, North Sea Jazz, Dour and many other festivals and clubs at home and abroad. In 2024 they will present a new album with which they partly return to where it all started with the 2016 released Battleplan.

With A Trip Worth Making, the band reflects on more than ten years of joint adventure. No longer the young dogs of yesteryear, but still as eager as ever; they have a wealth of experience and their sound has become firmer, more dynamic and more mature. In the meantime, they continue to innovate, experiment and crackle!

After the symphonic Laaglands – recorded entirely in nature with worn brass sounds – the band returns with this 5th album to the power with which they appeared on the scene in 2012. By using recognizable anthems, driving grooves and drawn-out brass sounds, this new music shows Gallowstreet at its best.

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