29 March 2024




Maassilo Rotterdam

Open 19:30 / Start 20:00

€26 incl. fee

Sold out

Support: MELV!EE

Knock Knock, CHO is back with a brand new album and tour! On Friday, March 29, the rapper and his band THE CHOSENS will give a concert in Rotterdam’s Maassilo.

CHO (Giovanni Rustenberg, 1993) entered the hip-hop scene at a young age and immediately made an impression. The rapper from the Bijlmer sounds mature for his age, and can match his American examples in terms of rap technique and charisma. After his talent was noticed by Adje and star producer Reverse, his now legendary mixtapes Knock Knock and Knock Knock 2 were released. In 2014, Maybe Wel Hè? out at Topnotch. This single hit like a bomb and achieved platinum status.

In the years that followed, CHO grew into one of the best rappers in the Netherlands with his unparalleled flows of nonchalant precision. Now he is back with Knock Knock 4 and a new tour with which he will be in the Maassilo on March 29, 2024!

This concert is presented by BIRD, Motel Mozaique and Rotown and has standing room only




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