27 February 2024


Alternative rock



LantarenVenster Rotterdam

Open 19:00 / Start 20:00

€17incl. fee

Sold out

Support: Mood Bored

The songs of the Hull-based band bdrmm feel like a dark cloud that bursts open and lets in a ray of sunlight. Their hypnotic shoegaze resembles a constant battle between dark and light, a clash of two extremes that are both trying to gain ground. The two guitars play the leading role with catchy and clever hooks, supporting the vocals that echo wonderfully with the rest of the overwhelming sound. The extremely rich sound of the quintet is strongly influenced by 90s bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai and Slowdive.

Last summer the second full-length ‘I Don’t Know’ was released, a surprising record that, in addition to the usual shoegaze bangers, also contains many quieter songs with styles such as ambient, trip hop and slowcore as a major source of inspiration. bdrmm has successfully taken a new direction while remaining true to their overwhelming sound. This separation becomes even clearer on their latest trip-hop single ‘Mud’, which was released in early October. While sticking to their original style, they explore new worlds and domains, creating extremely interesting and impressive songs.

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