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WEEKEND TIP: Khadija El Kharraz Alami – Theater Rotterdam

Khadija El Kharraz Alami brings her latest work ENSEMBLE PIECE / EXHUME BURIED CRIES / BEAUTY LOVE / REANIMATE THE DEAD to Theater Rotterdam.

We follow her on an odyssey through time and space to create places for herself, her ancestors and the mythical. We see a parallel world tangibly unfolding to our senses.The audience is invited to experience it with us, to feel how it resonates in sound and movement, to see how it forms and transforms and how multiple truths are invoked.

Exhuming what was deliberately buried – a quest to give form to the formless. They move deep into the underworld of the unrevealed; the world of the Jinns *El Hayawan, el Ghoul, Shjema T’wila who follow entirely their own rhythms, neither fully identifying with one idea or culture nor firmly resisting the known in a choreography of parallel worlds.

el Hayawan creatures
el Ghoul “angry” spirit
Shjema T’wila high trees

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