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Arno Schuitemaker back in Rotterdam

After the performance “If You Could See Me Now” during MOMO Festival 2023, Arno Schuitemaker will be back in Rotterdam this week: the premiere of “The End – part 2” will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday 12-13 at Theater Rotterdam.

Breaking down the boundaries between dance, performance, visual art, and club culture, Arno Schuitemaker creates performances that are immersive and hyperphysical.

With “The End – part 2”, Arno Schuitemaker creates an equally impressive and intimate look on our ability to see ourselves in others, and others in ourselves. By mixing movement, music, light, and voice with recorded and live video, the performance plays with past and present, and blurs differences between seeing and being seen.

Arno Schuitemaker: “I think much of what we are currently dealing with and looking for comes down to rebalancing our relationships. If our ability to see ourselves in others can create intimacy, can that then become a catalyst for change? Even if that means first freeing ourselves from ghosts that haunt us and distort the present, and then letting a new part begin.”

Performances by Arno Schuitemaker are praised for the inventive forms he creates for themes that lie at the intersection where the intimate and the universal meet. Last year, 30 appearances out of darkness was ranked in the top 5 best performances of the season by newspaper de Volkskrant. Scènes magazine called it the “must-see of the year”.

For tickets and all the details, check out the website of Theater Rotterdam.