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Meet the new Young Talents!

YTC Class of 2023/2024

Here they are: our fresh Young Talents Club. They will be working with us until MOMO Festival 2024 on Programme, Production, Marketing & Communications and Business Management. We are incredibly excited to have these Talents on the team: welcome Casey, Cedric, Marit and Sen!

The Young Talents Club is an annual program in which young talents aged between 18-28 years fully participate in our team. For the selection we do not look at educational background, but only at the motivation of the talents. We examine per person what will be the most interesting track, within which department and with what goals and objectives. We also organise master classes for this club, and have regular check-in time for coaching and mentoring. In return, the talents share their vision and expertise with our team, and collaborate where necessary. Read more on our page dedicated to the Young Talents Club! 

We asked the new members to tell us something about their favourite record. You can read about them here below!



Orchestra Baobab – Pirates Choice

I recently discovered Orchestra Baobab’s “Pirates Choice,” and it instantly resonated with my soul, uplifting with its seamless blend of Senegalese Afro-Cuban rhythms and jazz. The warm analog sound enhances the authenticity, creating a rich, culturally immersive experience. This album isn’t just music; it’s a celebration of diversity and creativity, reflecting the enduring power of music to inspire and connect. It’s a soulful choice for my collection.



Skee Mask – ISS009

This record is an absolute masterclass in contemporary electronic music production. Skee Mask’s stylish sampling, unmatched drum grooves, and studious sound design reaffirm his legendary status in the canon of electronica. This specific record, the 9th installment in an EP series with German label Ilian Tape, highlights his versatility with 4 tracks that can both ignite a club or provide the soundtrack to a solitary journey. Additionally, I chose this record because Skee Mask serves as my personal role model as a musician, embodying the highest achievable form of unapologetic musical expression.



Bettie Serveert – Palomine

When I was 14 I found Palomine in my parents’ CD collection and snuck it into my room. I grew to really love it and related especially to ‘Tomboy.’ One time as I was playing it my dad walked past and recognised it: “This song always reminds me of your mom.” A week after my 21st birthday my mom and I saw them perform it live for the Palomine 30 year anniversary tour – it was beautiful.



Yussef Kamaal – Black Focus.


If I could hear one song for the first time again it would have to be Strings of Light from this album. Hearing this song and album opened a door to a whole new world of music for me. It felt like this was the sound and style I’d been craving without knowing it existed. Also, to connect it to MOMO, I discovered this festival because Yussef Dayes was on the line-up, so he might be the reason I’m here today.