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Give Back Friday!

Thinking about doing something good this Friday and turning it into a much brighter day? With ‘Geef een Toegift’ you can buy a festival ticket for someone who is not able to afford it.

As a non-profit organisation, one of our goals is to provide an experience for everyone. MOMO Playground is our freely accessible stage at MOMO Festival, and we have given support to local social-organisations before. We wanted to provide the our festival experience to more people, so we teamed up again with @stichtingmano: a non-profit charity organisation that locally supports people that are living in poverty or that are socially excluded.

You can buy a ‘Geef een toegift’ ticket using this link. 

Together we can make sure that festivals become a space for all. Big thank you to all who are participating in this!

Quotes from happy ‘Geef een toegift’ visitors:

‘We started Saturday with a drink in the sun at the MOMO playground where Josimar Gomes played. Then we went to Roodkapje, where a few young artists performed. The highlight of the day was Mourning [A] BLKstar’s concert. The music was great and the band’s enthusiasm was infectious. Our day ended with a concert by Italia 90 in a full V11. It was a great day where we heard a lot of new music at new venues (for us)!”

”On Saturday, we went to MOMO festival. We started at Perron, where Joya Mooi performed. a singer-songwriter with a story she told through soul music. A very nice performance. Via Rotown, where we caught an indie band in a packed hall, we went on to Worm. There we saw the legendary Acid Klaus. It is difficult to pigeonhole this gig, but there were a couple of race entertainers on stage and the roof went off. After a look at Vessel11, where we could no longer fit in, we closed this top night.”

Photo: Niek Hage