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Wuxing Eastern Elements – workshop

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Friday 19 April 2024 13.00 - 15.00

MOMO Playground, Schouwburgplein

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WORKSHOP: Wuxing Eastern Elements: Introduction to the Five Elements

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Embark on a playful and immersive journey into the ancient wisdom of the Wuxing, the five Eastern elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. In this unique workshop, you are invited to explore the dynamic interplay of these elements within themselves and their connections with others.

Through a series of engaging exercises, each element will come to life, allowing participants to tap into their inherent qualities and energies. Connect with the grounding stability of Earth, embrace the transformative power of Fire, flow with the adaptable nature of Water, resonate with the expansiveness of Wood, and embody the precision and strength of Metal.

This workshop aims for a deeper understanding of oneself and others, promoting a sense of harmony and balance. Participants will not only gain insight into the elemental forces at play within their own personalities but also develop a greater appreciation for the diverse qualities that surround them.

Come play, learn, and connect in an atmosphere of simplicity, warmth, and joy. This workshop is an invitation to discover the beauty within yourself and build bonds with others in a light-hearted, inviting space. Let’s explore the elements and have some fun along the way!

Workshop by: Naomi He-Ji
Day: Friday 19 April
Times: 13.00 – 15.00
Language: Dutch or English, depends on the audience

Additional information:

  • This workshop will start at MOMO playground at Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam. The will be a desk where you can gather before the start of the workshop.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop starts.
  • A fully booked workshop sometimes has places available upon the start. Stop by our desk at MOMO Playground for more information if you would still like to join a workshop.



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This workshop is free of charge, as part of our free programme MOMO PLAYGROUND on Schouwburgplein, 19 & 20 April. Get a drink after your workshop or a vegan bite, or join a free concert or tour.