Festival 2024

The Patchwork Family




Friday 19 April 2024 01.00 - 05.00


Festival and tickets


POING is back! They are hosting their first event during MOMO Festival, this time in Perron. Expect the same vibes as the recently closed POING club, combined with MOMO’s flavours. 

The Patchwork Family is a performative up-cycling collective started by a friend group of graduating fashion designers wanting to support each other and show their work together. Presenting their work in thrilling shows, they quickly grew into a multi disciplinary family that is becoming known for their wild and sexy performances and their new views on what a fashion show can look like.

Their eclectic curation of high energy back to back shows has its origin in Amsterdams notorious Club Church, where The Patchwork Family has been doing multiple showcases and is now hosting their own party “Family Affair” on a regular basis. Wherever they go – from international fashion weeks and museums to clubs around the Netherlands – they bring with them the hottest and best dressed queer performers, that are just as much part of this diverse family as its fashion designers.

On a night out with The Patchwork Family you should expect the unexpected; crazy, artistic and intimate performances throughout the whole night that will be feast for the eyes and will keep your energy going!

Dance into the night with MOMO nights! We curated this night together with POING. This is accessible for festival visitors with a passe partout,  Friday Day + Night ticket or a Friday Night Perron ticket. You can get your tickets here.