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Friday 19 April 2024 14.30 16.00 17.30

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Squish Movie Camp

On Friday 19 April, Squish presents Squish Movie Camp. Squish movie camp can be seen as a research hub on working class, BIPOC, queer and feminist filmic history as well as a platform for a new generation of artists embodying their legacy. The goal of Squish Movie Camp as well as Squish’s overall aim, is to question self-representation as a tool to raise awareness on power dynamics. 


Friday 19 April
MOMO Playground Tent, Schouwburgplein Rotterdam
Free access, no registration needed. 

by Dian Joy, Britain/Nigeria
Duration: 10:45

Despite the transience of only living a few weeks or months, the body of a moth undergoes radical physiological changes in its relatively short lifetime. In its fully matured form, the moth sprouts a pair of hardened protein wings and ultraviolet-sensitive eyes that enable it to travel by moonlight in a process called transverse orientation. Now, in a world teeming with 24-hour artificial lighting, the moth must contend with a fatal attraction towards a billion glittering moons.

by Kari Robertson, Britain
Duration: 14:30
This audio visual work came out of a period of research at Deltaworkers residency in New Orleans (2019) as well as the artists own embodied experience breastfeeding for more than two years. The video meditates on connections between environmental and bodily landscapes, proximities and toxicities. It draws together personal experience, observation and interviews conducted with local people, including a dam-keeper responsible for managing flooding, and New Orleans based epidemiologist Dr. Lina Moses.

Hilos En Hilos
by Laila Saber Rodriguez & Marco Caricola, Netherlands/Spain
Duration: 18:30

Synopsis: Life, players, stones, and strategies. Every move shapes a tangent of reality. But what does it mean to play the game of life and death? How does one play? While you look into the mirror, you realize that your perception of time is deceiving. Transitions, changes, and moves create the illusion of sequentiality. Death is nowhere but everywhere to be seen, swallowing whispers and dancing in the corners of existence. How many players? How many lives? You’re reborn into a whirlpool of wind and fire. A portal opens, and she plunges her guppy form into the primeval waters of genesis.

Squish is a queer-feminist cultural platform supporting primarily LGBTQ+ culture makers, and more generally proletarian artists. The organisation questions identity politics with an intersectional approach through the development of various multidisciplinary events. Not limiting its implications to fine arts, Squish aims to create and mix communities, arts, and politics in many ways. Its most usual formats are performative club nights and fine contemporary arts exhibitions.

These events are free of charge, as part of our programme MOMO PLAYGROUND on Schouwburgplein Rotterdam, 19 & 20 April. Get a drink, a vegan bite, or join a concert or workshop! 


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