Festival 2024

Picture Parlour



Friday 19 April 2024 21.00 - 21.45


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From nocturnes to nightmares.
Picture Parlour have recently been broadcasting their histrionic transmission across the tenebrous quarters of South London and beyond to the sound of classic rock riffs and striking melodies. After just a handful of live shows, this unit has made a colossal entrance to the music scene.

Observing their ravenously watchable live set, you may question whether you have found yourself back in July 1976, sat on the dusty back row of a Ciné Lumière, awaiting a sleazy neo-noir screening. 

Be prepared for an interlude of mini motion pictures that vow to lure audiences with the lyrics of a born thespian, accompanied by a generous dose of spellbinding guitar, and sleazy bass lines.
Singer-songwriter Katherine Parlour and guitarist Ella Risi began writing together during the pandemic, developing their own sound, and drawing inspiration from the likes of Patti Smith, Nick Cave and Stevie Nicks to name a few.
Since then, they have relocated to the capital, expanded into an electric 4-piece and released two debut singles produced by Catherine Marks (boygenius, St Vincent, dEUS, Placebo) and Steph Marziano (Hayley Williams, Bartees Strange).

Their live show will soon become a fan favourite for lovers of rock music and beyond. If you don’t believe us, hear it from Courtney Love: “SONGS & SWAGGER & SONGS & ALL the mojo. There’s no more mojo to go around. It’s all gone. They ate the mojo.”