Festival 2024

Nubiyan Twist



Saturday 20 April 2024 18.30 - 19.30

Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburgplein

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If you want to spice your day up, Nubiyan Twist can be your groovy oasis.
The Leeds born, London based collective will bring to MOMO their wide array of jazz, highlife, hip hop, afrobeat and soul. 

Over the last ten years, Nubiyan Twist contributed to a flourishing jazz scene that seems to be in a state of bliss in the UK. Guitarist and producer Tom Excell conducts an eclectic live band, in which the horn section takes the harmonic lead while different vocalists provide a collection of unforgettable hooks. 

Their single ‘So Mi Stay’ is the outcome of a creative collaboration between bandleader and producer Tom Excell and the newly introduced vocalist Aziza Jaye. This single seamlessly weaves together the rich tapestries of jazz and dancehall cultures to create a tune that’s ready for the dancefloor. Aziza herself provides insight into the song’s essence: “The song is about being out dancing and getting lost in your zone. The party is about to end, the lights turn on but you’re still lost in the music”. With ‘So Mi Stay’, Nubiyan Twist’s rhythms, melodies, and Aziza’s enchanting vocals transport you to a place where the music reigns supreme.

“A beautiful blend of groovy dub with uplifting horns and soulful vocals” – The Guardian

“A free-flowing assemblage of jazz, soul, hip hop and diasporic styles.” – Mojo

“A cauldron of energy that bubbles with invention. Exhilarating stuff.” – Record Collector

“The type of record that should be blasted over a sun-drenched festival crowd.” – Clash