Festival 2024

Loveth Besamoh

Free Access



Saturday 20 April 2024 18.30 - 19.00

MOMO Playground, Schouwburgplein

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The Netherlands based producer, composer and singer’s genres range from afro retro pop, psychedelic/indie rock and electronica. Originally from Cameroon, the artist pursued his love for music with the help of an eclectic live band in which they merge ethereal guitar sounds, pumping drums and bass grooves with melancholic vocals that create an enigma of sound – creating  a unique sound. His aim is to create music that transcends cultures and continents to express the inner workings of himself.

In 2022 he released his first EP called “Circles’ ‘ featuring songs like “Fold” that creates a futuristic mood with focus on electric and bass guitar, making it a whole experience to listen to. Uptempo songs also appear on the EP such as “Cool Living” that are more drum focused combined with multiple layers of vocals and electronic elements – giving a satisfying feeling of indie rock and electronica music. The song “HY” featuring Maj Rachel holds space for longer instrumental parts creating an almost like jazz / funk atmosphere with electronic guitar rhythms that goes deeper into psychedelics elements as well.

After the warm welcomed first EP, the Netherlands based artists’ new record ‘Weather Report’ is scheduled to be released on the 23th of February.