Festival 2024

Kurashi Soundsystem




Saturday 20 April 2024 23.00 - 02.00

Club Sahara

Festival and tickets

MOMO NIGHTS x Kurashi Soundsystem

Sound is an inseparable part of Kurashi Collective. Their musical chapter, Kurashi Soundsystem, embodies the musical influences that shaped them. With roots in Curaçao, a captivating Caribbean island and Amsterdam, their selectors travel through a diverse range of genres, including Salsa, Bubbling, Hip-Hop, Jungle, Baile Funk, Batida, Dembow, Reggaeton, Soca, Reggae, Afro-beats, and Tumba. Drawing inspiration from their Caribbean heritage, they bring an energy that heats up any dancefloor.

Dance into the night with MOMO nights!  We curated this night together with Kurashi Soundsystem. The event can be entered with a passe partout, a Saturday Day + Night ticket and a Saturday Night Roodkapje x Sahara ticket (from 23.00). You can get your tickets here.