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Friday 19 April 2024 21.45 - 22.30


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Kaeto is not the new anyone. There are no immediate reference points; no pop stars to stick her alongside. The Scottish, London based artist is an anomaly. An always inquisitive artist, writing songs about the questions we all ask ourselves. Like, why do we seem to be complicit in our own anxieties? Why can’t we stop doing things for the sake of our own vanity? Why are we hellbent on living through everything twice: once in the moment, and again on our phones, barely minutes later? 

It’s in those fringes that Kaeto dredges out the finer details from the darkness and puts them into the songs she’s writing. But this is not a straight genre – it’s a confluence of many. How she found this sound is a lifelong story of sonic discovery. 

In 2019, Kaeto got into the studio with producers for the first time, figuring out exactly what she wanted to say and how to say it. She went to Clown School, squeezing out the kind of creativity and spontaneity the mundanity of modern life drums out of us, and learned from it.

Kaeto’s voice, weapon-like, veers from violent and caustic to raspy and old-school alluring, while her productions showcase a wide range of soft, soulful and synthy sounds.