Festival 2024

I Vow to Distract Forever – Djuwa Mroivili




Friday 19 April 2024 17.45 - 18.30 20.45 – 21.30

Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburgplein

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What can a classical pianist do to completely go against the grain? What tools can she use? And in what way can she make her presence felt and heard in a space? In the performance I Vow To Distract Forever Djuwa Mroivili promises that she will always be her most authentic self as a performer, even if she is considered to be ‘distractive’ from a classical perspective. As she wanders on her stage, she leaves the audience questioning her next move. A concert and performance that keeps you on your toes where Djuwa uses her own methods to compose her legacy.

Djuwa’s work is characterized by a blend of classical music, theatre, and beauty. Creating experiences that resonate with a sense of belonging and acknowledgment. Through her art she offers healing experiences by presenting new perspectives on societal issues using vulnerability as her superpower.

With a Bacherlor’s degree in classical music, a major in piano, from ArtEZ Djuwa has been breaking barriers and challenging the status quo. She occasionally graces classical music concert halls with traditional performances such as her collaboration with double bass player James Oesi. Both share a love for Black composers within the classical realm.


Concept & performance: Djuwa Mroivili
Composition: Djuwa Mroivili
Music production: Sonya Vos and Julie Benoit
End director: Dionne Verwey
Hair: Shainomy Hansen
Costume & scenography: Berend Brus
Make up artist: Shirodj Bholasingh
Gloves: Manon van Eldik
Production: Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam

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