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Saturday 20 April 2024 21.15 - 22.00


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Ella Smoker, aka gglum, is an 19 year old singer/songwriter/producer from Croydon, London. After showing her stripped back dreamy bedroom pop sensibilities on ‘Why Don’t I Care?’, gglum continued to develop her sound alongside by creating a string of singles that explored a more underground R&B sound with gglum’s hypnotically smooth voice. gglum’s admiration for artist’s like girl in red, Clairo, Deb Never, Biig Piig is clear in her music, so much so she recently released a blissful, folk-esque cover version of girl in red’s ‘i wanna be your girlfriend’, which has become a favourite amongst her fans. gglum is sonically in a period of growth as she continues to explore what is possible outside the confines of her bedroom, however it’s her honest, relatable lyrics and distinct layered harmonies that are ever present.