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Friday 19 April 2024

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Cultural Bridges

​​Cultural Bridges is a Rotterdam-based organisation dedicated to empowering, supporting, and connecting young cultural initiatives in the city. We serve as a bridge between different communities, organisations, and stakeholders in the cultural sector. Through advice, training sessions, networking events, and collaborative projects, we aim to enhance the resilience and diversity of the cultural scene, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive cultural community in Rotterdam.

Cultural Bridges x MOMO

Cultural Bridges has curated a selection of three talks on Friday 19th of April with a number of Rotterdam based grassroots initiatives. These talks will be moderated by Gordon Sana, co-founder of Cultural Bridges and will give all Playground visitors the opportunity to better get to know and understand what is important, happening, and urgent in the city. Besides the talks Cultural Bridges presents a musical talent on the MOMO Playground stage. This talent is presented by musical organisation Cult North.

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (Talk)
Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (PGLTM) is Nederlands eerste women+ only hiphopfeest, gefocust op het brengen van een veiligere ruimte en het samenbrengen van gelijkgestemde vrouwen voor hun liefde voor muziek. Met een nominatie van Popunie 2023 en het succes van uitverkochte edities in zowel Rotterdam als Amsterdam, heeft Pretty Girls Like Trap Music zichzelf gevestigd als toonaangevend event in de Nederlandse nachtleven scene. Na mooie samenwerkingen met Rolling Loud en Museumnacht010 kunnen we nog veel meer van hen verwachten.

Panah Studio (talk)
The Panah Studio Foundation is a creative platform “by creators, for creators”, founded in the heart of Rotterdam. Their goal is to highlight the dynamic happenings of the creative industries and develop new talent. They regularly organise events that connect underrated, emerging and well-known creators. Which creators? Makers in the broadest sense. Expect a community with painters, fashion designers, stylists, singers, rappers, spoken word artists and more.

Jackie’s Hangout (talk)
Jackie’s Hangout (JH) is een initiatief dat tools uit het sport, spel en cultuur domein gebruikt om connectie tussen jongvolwassenen in Rotterdam te faciliteren. Dit initiatief is in 2021 tijdens de corona pandemie gestart om eenzaamheid onder jongvolwassenen in Rotterdam aan te pakken en om nieuwe mensen ontmoeten laagdrempeliger te maken.

Cult North
Cult North is an emerging initiative that focuses on art education and passion development among young self-taught makers from Rotterdam. Cult North wants to introduce this group to various creative expressions in order to respond to the feeling of happiness and meaning, but also to create an infrastructure for professionalisation. Cult North strives for an accessible art and culture sector and for them culture is not a means but an ecosystem where various domains such as welfare, healthcare and education are also offered. For Playground, Cult North has curated a performance by Aelia Sapph.

Gordon Sana
As co-founder of Cultural Bridges, Gordon Sana is not only a cultural connecting figure, but also a creative entrepreneur who has set a movement in motion. In 2020, amid the challenges caused by the pandemic, he launched CMNITY, a creative studio that provides a space for creative talents to come together, create content and organise events. With a background as a creative, entrepreneur and community builder, he acts as a necessary link between the cultural field and government agencies, institutions and organisations. He represents culture at various negotiating tables, with the aim of promoting an inclusive cultural sector in which cultural capital is strengthened and central, as well as its impact on our society.

These events are free of charge, as part of our programme MOMO PLAYGROUND on Schouwburgplein Rotterdam, 19 & 20 April. Get a drink, a vegan bite, or join a concert or workshop! 


Check out the timetable for the schedule for these events.