Festival 2024

Clarissa Connelly



Friday 19 April 2024 21.45 - 22.30


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Can music teleport you to places you’ve never visited? Clarissa Connelly’s music will take you on a hike to Northern Europe, where crisp wind blows in your face and northern lights are in full sight!

Born in Scotland, she relocated as a child to Denmark, where the cultural landscape has fuelled her creativity, though exploring the sacred sites, mythology, and music of Nordic culture. She first gained international attention with Tech Duinn (2018), a hypnotic album named after a spiritual gateway in Celtic myth. For her latest album, The Voyager (2021), Clarissa physically walked the Scandinavian landscape, channelling melodies from ancient pre-Christian sites.

Clarissa’s recent single “Wee Rosebud”, which marks the artist’s signing to Warp, is a modern interpretation of a 16th-century lament, the track evokes the ethereal scene of a Pagan ritual, with soaring vocals propelled by choral chants and sparse, enchanting lutes. The distinctly Scottish lyrics, delivered with the utmost delicacy, immediately transport the listener to the banks of a loch, or a candle-lit bothy after sunfall. It’s the work of an artist on a sharp upward trajectory.