Festival 2024

Boogie Mind




Saturday 20 April 2024 00.00 - 01.30


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Steppin’ into Tomorrow presents: Boogie Mind

“Uncovering today’s music, inspired by the past and aimed at the future” is the ethos of Steppin’ Into Tomorrow. Immerse yourself in timeless and eclectic music with a soulful flavor that connects the sounds of yesterday with dope contemporary productions from Dutch soil and beyond. Here, you can easily comb through the richness contemporary soulful music has to offer. The articles, videos, mixes, radio shows, and informative podcasts work in synergy and are consistently presented, so you know what to expect.

Boogie Mind’s passion for music draws from a deep well of influences, guiding audiences on a journey that defies traditional boundaries. His artistry is rooted in the deep connection between rhythm and melody, creating a unique sound that captivates and transports listeners to uncharted territories. Boogie Mind invites his audience into a realm where each note and beat tells a story, evoking emotions and memories through a seamless fusion of sounds to craft sets that resonate with the soul.

Dance into the night with MOMO nights! We curated this night together with Steppin’ Into Tomorrow. The event can be entered with a passe partout, Saturday Day + Night ticket and a Saturday Night Roodkapje x Sahara ticket (from 23.00). You can get your tickets here.