Festival 2024

Avalanche Kaito



Friday 19 April 2024 20.45 - 21.30

Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburgplein

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Not often artists’ names give you an idea of what they might sound like, but it is the case of this compelling Brussels based band.

In 2018, a Burkinabe griot meets a noise-punk duo and they create a brand new playing field. Singer and poly-instrumentalist Kaito Winse, drummer and programmer Benjamin Chaval and guitarist Nico Gitto are a one of a kind power trio: they develop a crazy universe between experiments and incredible postmodern grooves. 

Kaito leads the compositions with his proverbs, at times murmured at times harangued, and intense flute solos from a free jazz he never knew. Nico brings this very rare quality of being both able to ensure the groove of a very uncommon rhythmic baritone guitar and develop sophisticated sound experiences. Benjamin plays his destroyed drums with two cut pieces of brush handle. Also, he provides an important Pure Data electronic part partially controlled by triggers, a real fourth wheel to the coach.

“As a collaborative project, Avalanche Kaito is a grand experiment in sound, space, and time. Past feeds present, and present projects hypothetical future; borders are reshaped and resounded as musicians cut across them. This music could not exist if not for flows between nations and genres. Multiple musical histories come to bear on Avalanche Kaito, resulting in an Afrofuturist-tinged, cyberpunk-shaped fantasy well worth an immersive listen.” – from review by PopMatters

“There are clear reference points for every track on Avalanche Kaito, both traditional and experimental in nature. Yet its particular blend is, at bare minimum, a road less traveled. The world may be getting smaller all the time, but as illustrated here, the sonic possibilities that come along with that are only growing.” – from review by The Quietus