We had an amazing edition of MOMO Festival 2024!

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For the past year we have been working on an updated code of conduct for the upcoming edition of MOMO Festival.

Read all about it here.

This year we are collaborating with a very special partner. Superkracht is an initiative that introduces young people with mild intellectual disabilities to the cultural sector and allows them to curate different functions within the industry. During a training session, they explore the skills required for that particular role, and therefore are able to participate. This year during MOMO, young people from Superkracht will be paired with a volunteer member to perform their role.

This not only empowers them, but also inspires us as an organisation. Breaking down prejudices and enhancing positive perceptions of people with disabilities. Emphasising on their talents rather than their limitations, contributing to a diverse and inclusive festival!

We’re really proud of this collaboration and looking forward for you all to meet our incredible volunteers working at MOMO Festival 18-20 April.

Read more about Superkracht

Dry Cleaning, photographed in Max Miechowski's studio in Tottenham, London, on 09/27/2022.


Finally, you can mark your route for MOMO Festival 2024! Go check out the timetable, and get your ticket for MOMO before they’re gone!