MOMO Festival 2016


Amanda Bergman, Andra Day, BEAU, Cameron A G, Damien Jurado, Dario Tortorelli, De Dansers, De Dood, Enver Husicic, Flying Horseman, Formation, Gwenno, Iguana Death Cult, Jamie Woon, jennylee, Leon Bridges, Lisbeth Gruwez dances Bob Dylan, Marlon Williams, Meatbodies, MY BABY, Naive Set, NAO, Nneka, Pixx, Protomartyr, Samuel Ford, Southbound, Steve Mason, Tale Dolven & Gabel Eiben, The Go! Team, Tourist LeMC, VANT & many more.

MOMO Festival 2016 in the press:

“Beauty emerges in the unexpected. Motel Mozaique is Rotterdam at its best and broadest.”
“Unlike most pop and arts festivals, Rotterdam’s Motel Mozaique serves a higher purpose. It brings together creative people who make the city rise above itself as a hospitable, multifunctional festival location.”
“A festival that was not fooled by hype and stars, but transformed Rotterdam into a city where anything is possible and where beauty can be found in the most unexpected corners.” – NRC

“Fortunately, Motel Mozaïque is known for not always choosing the easiest music, and the audience now knows this too. Because those who continue to make the effort are richly rewarded every now and then.” – 3voor12

“’What a beautiful city Rotterdam is’, that is what many visitors must think after visiting Motel Mozaïque 2016 and that is exactly the intention.” – OOR

“Motel Mozaïque was already a surprising, hospitable experience festival. Of course, it will also explore new boundaries during the 16th edition.” – Subway

“From a soul diva to hard post-punk.”
“At Motel Mozaïque there is not only escapist enjoyment, but it is also about something.” – Muzine

“Rotterdam is of course always nice, but even nicer when the Motel Mozaïque festival takes over the city. With an even more broadened music program this year than in previous years, full of some emerging talents, artists already beloved at KtH (Damien Jurado, Protomartyr, Meatbodies) and special projects (Spinvis & Mauro Pawlowski, Maarten Vos & Gregory Frateur).” – Kicking the Habit

“Seeing Broeder Dieleman perform on the noisy Kleinpolderplein, the gassed traffic intersection of Rotterdam and a cursed place that is almost beautiful in its ugliness, is a special experience. With these types of idiosyncratic performances, Motel Mozaïque has been able to distinguish itself from other pop parties for years.” – Kindamusic

“On April 8 and 9, the city center of Rotterdam will be all about Motel Mozaique. The ever-expanding and razor-sharp program remains one of the trendsetters of the Dutch festival landscape. A visit is an excellent opportunity for every music, culture and art lover who wonders why we have moved the editorial headquarters of this magazine to the Maasstad.” – The Daily Indie

“The best Rotterdam music weekend of the year!” – The Havenloods

“Motel Mozaïque challenges lovers of adventurous music with an impressive program.” – Uitagenda

“Rotterdam proves that it can even make a walking tour cool. The Motel Mozaique Festival guides allow you to see Rotterdam from a completely different side.” – Esquire

MOMO Fabrique 2016


In 2016 MOMO Concerts promoted live events by Boy & Bear, Jett Rebel, De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, De Likt, The Cinematic Orchestra, DeWolff and more.