Ásgeir, Kurt Vile (solo), Wild Beasts, Moss, Temples, Jonathan Wilson, Erlend Øye, Daryll-Ann, George Ezra, Hauschka, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, Omar Souleyman, Angel Olsen, Johnny Flynn, Girls In Hawaii, La Luz, Nick Waterhouse, Thumpers, Moddi, Clean Pete, Matthew & The Atlas, Eagulls, Aufgang, Cashmere Cat, Zomby, Tobias., Virginia, Jameszoo, Cosmo Sheldrake, Freek, Ganz, Gentlemen, Gardens & Villa, Herrek, Howler, Jungle, Larry Gus, Luke Sital-Singh, Madensuyu, Moddi, Pall Jenkins, Planningtorock, Quilt, Sean Nicholas Savage, Sevdaliza, Florentijn Hofman, Sander Bokkinga, Milan Boonstra, Pim Palsgraaf, Ann Van den Broek, De Dansers, Ivo Dimchev, Joeri Dubbe, Joris van Oosterwijk and many more.

Motel Mozaïque 2014 in the press

“It took some getting used to for some of the Motel Mozaique audience last year: no longer queuing for big names like Mumford & Sons or Belle and Sebastian, but a little more than before on a musical voyage of discovery through the city of Rotterdam. slight change of direction has now reached the public: the fourteenth edition is sold out except for a few dozen tickets and offers the visitor breakthrough artists such as Asgéir and Temples, some established names such as Daryll-Ann, Kurt Vile and Wild Beasts, but above all a lot new names who have just released a good record or are about to do so, from Angel Olsen to Cosmo Sheldrake.” – Kicking The Habit

“Rotterdam is the stage of the two-day Motel Mozaïque, an experience festival that focuses on the cultural life of the city, from architectural routes to dance, provoking theater performances such as by Ivo Dimchev and remarkable video art. [..] This fourteenth edition immediately had a statement to make. because it remains incomprehensible that a city like Rotterdam lacks a music venue with allure. This lack was once again underlined with the arrival of the spacious hangar tent ‘Cathedral’ on the square.” – NRC Handelsblad

“The movingly fun discovery spectacle Hotel Heden, by theater maker Yvonne Beelen, breaks through the anonymity of the big city. It zooms in on you for a moment, viewed from a great height. That exclusive feeling had already been used the previous evening for the chosen sleeping guests of the arts festival Motel Mozaïque : strangers who suddenly called you by name and started chatting. What a strange effect.” – NRC Handelsblad

“The Rotterdam interdisciplinary festival Motel Mozaïque has one of the best music line-ups in a while this year. Wild Beasts, Daryll-Ann, Kurt Vile and Temples on one day, it is impossible to choose between so many trendsetters.” – OOR

“Moths and dance enthusiasts will be knocking on the door for two nights at Cultuurpodium Perron, where big names such as Tobias., Cashmere Cat and Zomby will be present. The addition of Perron as a festival spot turns out to be a smart move by the organization.[..] This is how a young person goes. audience on Saturday evening on the black skits of the Norwegian pet child Cashmere Cat and the multi-colored magic balls of Zomby and on Friday they embrace the ‘singing sheik’ Omar Souleyman after the home-playing Triphouse crew was given ample room for their Rwina earlier in the evening. project.” – DJBroadcast

“Rotterdam: the city that forms the perfect backdrop for a realistic science fiction film. In the futuristic capital of the Netherlands, on April 4 and 5, the bands of the future fluttered around between the HD screens on the modern flats, the gigantic inflatable pigs and the modern art through.” – Festival Info

“Motel Mozaique has guided tours for non-Rotterdammers who want to get a better idea of the city or Rotterdammers who want to know what more the city has to offer than meets the eye. The festival has ensured that each tour reveals a different part of Rotterdam. For example, you can opt for the blindfolded audio poetry tour, where the headphones tell you what to do, the Papa Winti guide tour where you become acquainted with the Winti culture, or for a tour where you learn more about the ‘ stararchitect’ Rem Koolhaas.” – 3voor12

“Motel Mozaïque has steadily grown in recent years into one of the nicer festivals on the spring calendar. The city center of Rotterdam, which has been in the news many times in recent months, has once again been transformed into a vibrant festival heart around the Schouwburgplein for two days this year. [ ..] Also striking: this weekend we will no longer hear anyone about the Corso, the much-detested discotheque that served as a festival venue in recent years.”

In 2014 MOMO Concerts invited Tori Amos, EELS, Typhoon, Tommy Emanuel, Benjamin Clementine, Blaudzun and more.